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Welcome and thank you!

The Flying Easy Ranch offers a full portfolio of equestrian services including AQHA stock, professional training, lessons and clinics.  


The Flying Free 501(c)3 non-profit utilizes therapeutic horses and AKC labrador retrievers to serve others.   Supported by donations, Flying Free provides horse therapy and high quality, healthy dogs to be trained for veterans, children, and those with special needs.  


THANK YOU to our donors, sponsors, customers, clients, family and friends! 

A Donate button is located on the Flying Free page near the bottom.  

We encourage and appreciate US and international visitors!

Our services include: Flying Free 501(c)3 non-profit  // AQHA equine breeding program  // Professional horse training and lessons // Nationwide horse clinics  // Resistance Free (TM) accredited clinician  // Buckeye Nutrition equine feeds
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